Pet-HMR Demonstrator 1

On 8th June 2022 PeT-HMR partners reunited for the first PeT-HMR Demo Day. The demo day is an important milestone that project partners have after every year of the project where we review and present the results of the previous year but also discuss new ideas and challenges that we might encounter during our work.

Every partner presented their progress and achievements during the last year in the first demonstrator.

Some of the achievements that were presented by the partners in demonstrator:

  • X41 D-Sec presented the architecture of the system built for honeypot scaling and data collection, and their subsystem for attack detection that act as a framework for SHoP (smart honeypot system). ShoP is a able to collect system-level details about the interactions with the honeypot and enrich existing data.
  • LHIND presented their Machine Learning model for detecting anomalous HTTP requests from honeypot data and an architecture for a modular APet system; a tool for conducting penetration tests using various open-source and commercial tools.
  • ITS presented their penetration testing system for finding vulnerabilities for Java applications based on guided fuzzing methods.
  • IFIS presented ideas for finding vulnerabilities in source code using Machine Learning methods and for guiding penetration tests using Imitation Learning.
  • Netuse delivered experiences on security problems they encountered in the last year and trends that are worth addressing during the project.

The first Demonstrator was concluded with a fruitful discussion about the future of the project and upcoming tasks. In the next period the focus of the project is integrating the SHOP system with APet, and improvment of methods for finding web and API vulnerabilities.

As the demonstrator was still conducted via online channels, you can find a few screenshots from the presentations.